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Things Left Undone, Angel, PG-13 [Nov. 28th, 2004|05:11 pm]
Rec Me Pretty

[mood |nostalgicnostalgic]
[music |Tom McRae - Ghost of a Shark]

Title: Things Left Undone
by: minnow

This is one of the first post-Not Fade Away stories I've read all the way through, because it's hard for me to imagine anyone telling the story in a way I could accept. This is done in an absolutely stunning manner with a series of short stories that all tie in to the show and each other. Everyone of them is real, and tells the story of a character, even when it doesn't.

It will make you cry, and it will make you laugh (the footnotes of the first story are giggle inducing) but most of all it will make you see the reality of the lives these characters live in.

Go. Read.
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Under Me You [Aug. 13th, 2004|12:33 am]
Rec Me Pretty

[mood |lazylazy]
[music |Matt Nathanson -- I Saw]

Under Me You

Written for the an e.e. cummings challenge and poem this Sirius/Remus fic is just stunning. It's simple and, yet, not. There is a focus on the small things that manages to make them large and lovely.

The punctuation is shotty and it's written in first person, a format that tends to grate on my nerves like a very grate-y thing. However, the missing commas are easy to over look and first person is how the poem itself was written. It ends up just working perfectly.

And then we collapse in the darkness, an invisible cloud exploding around us, making me cough and you sneeze. I say I don’t think I can move and you say nothing. We are silent and we are still and we can’t speak. We don’t speak, and then you sigh and roll in the midnight darkness of another dusty room, until under my nose I can feel the dust that has crept into your hair. We are silent and we are still. </t>
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Things Just Keep Getting Better [Aug. 9th, 2004|04:13 pm]
Rec Me Pretty

[mood |annoyedannoyed]
[music |Ben Kweller: I Need You Back]

Hi guys! Whew...Its Monday, the start of a new week, right? Last week seemed so long and so horrible...And so well, damn odd!!

Anyways, its me, Erin, with the latest fic that she has come to recommend because its well, damn funny.

I didn't really like Queer Eye for the Straight Guy until I saw it, and then I cracked up laughing because those guys are just so funny that it isn't even funny anymore. I especially feel close to Carson after a strange dream one night where we were walking doing the Joan & Melissa Rivers thing with people's clothing...Quite fun!

Anyways, go read Things Just Keep Getting Better by Happyminion...Its a crossover...with our fabulous Queer Eye guys..


Carson flipped through hangers rapidly. "Retro, retro, retro, ugly, retro, retro, retro." Falling back against the doorframe of the closet, he pressed the back of his wrist to his head. "I'm dizzy from all the flashbacks to fashion hell." He leaned in, whispering conspiratorially to the camera. "I think we've found out an unspoken truth. Little Wally West is Retro Retarded. Shhhh." Winking at the camera, he pulled a finger to his lips. Carson, Fashion Savant
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Legend [Aug. 4th, 2004|02:28 am]
Rec Me Pretty

[mood |goodgood]
[music |Jack Johnson]

Dear Twin,

I love you.


No, really,


I get to rec HP now! YAY!

So, naturally, I'm going to rec Legend by Silvia Kundera. The author's website that I know of is down, so this is linked to a Harry/Draco archive. If there is a new address for her out there, please let me know as I love all of her work.

Legend is short, though in five acts. Poetic and beautiful and mostly about Harry. Easily one of the best second person POVs around, it just flows amazingly well from one part to the next. Every word is perfect and just as it should be. I read this story so often I practically know every word, and it just keeps being amazing.

A quote:
You never questioned many things, just washed the pots and pans that needed washing and picked up the mail and learned to write very clearly so that you could sign for any packages. And you're stupid, stupid, because it all was a lie.

There were monsters in the closet, maybe, and the sky is blue because a lonely child painted it that way. "It's like magic," you can whisper, and they can't say no. They can't anymore. You watch walls peel back.
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Mother [Aug. 4th, 2004|01:11 am]
Rec Me Pretty

[mood |gigglygiggly]
[music |Counting Crows: Big Yellow Taxi]

Dear Twin,

I severely blame my lack of sleep on this.



Welcome to another reccing ramble by me, Erin, who has a tendancy to ramble a lot and for this I'm sure my twin is going to kill me, but I'm going to rec her latest Joan of Arcadia story simply because it was a great fanfic that my twin doesn't give herself enough credit for. ::coughandsheshouldcough::

Is it good to have dreams about fanfic? I ask myself this as I post this rec about a back story for Adam Rove, knight in Joan's shining armor...Wait, did I say Joan's armor? Whoops? lol I meant, Joan's knight in shining armor...Metal plating and all, lol

Anyways, back to the point at hand...Dreams!!! I had dreams about this story, dreams in which I woke up ready to cry because the story was that damn good and because I saw myself as Adam! Mother is a fabulous story! If you like Adam, and if you like Grace and you like hearing Grace go off on Adam's infamous 'Aunt Charlene' who we all can thank my grandmother for the inspiration, then you will like this story...

::giggles:: Happy reading, folks!
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Time and the Fates of Man [Aug. 3rd, 2004|01:42 am]
Rec Me Pretty

[mood |blahblah]
[music |Ben Kweller - I Need You Back]

Dear Bravo,

I love you.


That is all,

Today was a West Wing marathon on Bravo (hence the love) and after not breathing through the end of What Kind of Day Has It Been (again) and I remembered how much I used to love this show. And I remember that there is some fantastic fanfic for it out there on the web. (And I rememembered that it was my turn to rec, but that is beside the point... really.)

One of the first pieces of WW fan fiction I ever read was "Written" the first in this trio of stories. Each one is amazing, though I'd point to "Percussion" for my favorite if pressed, and just absolutely perfect with the characterizations.

It starts off with Sam on the ride to do the morning shows for CJ the morning after the shooting and then it's Leo and then Toby. Written in second person and I cannot tell you how much they made me cry when I first read them. Nor can I tell you how well the humor is worked in just when it needs to be.

Time and the Fates of Man
by Marguerite

Go forth and read.
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Spark [Jul. 27th, 2004|02:10 am]
Rec Me Pretty

[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |Coldplay: In My Place]

Hi guys! ::waves frantically:: I took so long in picking out this rec that I almost forgot how to post in a community!!! I had to refer to my kind-hearted twin, who hates the fact that I kidnapped the character of Remus Lupin and wouldn't give it back until she somewhat truced the word 'and' in her story, Mother... Confused? Yeah, I'd say our conversations sometimes are rather confusing, but tis all good!!

Anyways, on to my rec.. I picked another Harry Potter fiction that really isn't that long, and took Nichole by surprise. As a matter of fact, I just found it today, or was rather given the link today and I read it and loved it because its about my favorite Harry Potter character, Molly Weasley.

Spark, written by Jane St. Clair is poignant, well written, and just plain makes me feel sorry for Molly, because we all know that JK Rowling will probably end up killing some of the Weasley clan in the fight of good vs. evil.

I'm not that good at rec-ing things, so you'll just have to believe me.
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All Roads Lead to Rome [Jul. 11th, 2004|03:52 pm]
Rec Me Pretty

[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |DMB]

Hi! ::waves:: I've finally figured out which story to rec first.

It was a difficult process as I read far too much fanfic for my own good, and read a lot of stories again and again and again and... Anyway, I finally figured out what to rec, and then that got all blow to hell because I found this. ::bounces::

I saw the Harry/Peter slash in Spider-Man 2, I knew it was there and was dismayed to find that it wasn't all over the internet. So imagine my joy when I stumbled into hackthis's journal to find exactly what I'd been looking for.

And by a writer who has all the good stuff. It was one of her HP stories I had planed to rec, but that will have to wait. Oh, and the OC stuff is fantastic.

All Roads Lead to Rome is well written and heartbreaking. To the point and it makes you have to read between the lines. It's just... perfectly written Harry, and it all makes sense.

Harry already knows before he asks that Peter will say no; that doesn't stop him from asking though, and that's when he notices the thing with touching, because Harry's talking to Peter, and Peter's just looking at Harry like -- like someone he wants to touch, but can’t or won’t.
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Breathe Out Anger [Jul. 10th, 2004|03:39 am]
Rec Me Pretty

[mood |tiredtired]
[music |Fiona Apple]

Author: penknife
Fandom: Harry Potter
Title: Breathe Out Anger
Headmaster . . .

What are we waiting for?


and Dumbledore's response?

The Boy Who Lived

Comments: I will be the first to admit, I am one of the biggest het readers on this planet! Nichole will constantly try and forcibly show me exactly how much slash can be pretty or what not, and while some of it is insanely pretty (ha! I admitted it here and now and will not think about it again), I try and tune her out as I run and hide behind my boy/girl fics.

Remus is soul searching, almost depression really, after James & Lily's death, and Sirius's imprisonment in Azkaban. He wanders, and throughout the story, we see these little messages that come up from Dumbledore, that really add flavor and history to the canon HP, because now we know that Dumbledore was the only who made sure that Harry got his father's invisibility cloak.

I don't read Harry Potter fanfics very often. However, I found this story on accident, and since I figured it was just Remus by himself, I would be safe enough in my het world to read it. Well, there are mentions of slash, and sex, and things that could make people like me highly uncomfortable, however, I didn't find a problem with the story. Its a very well written story, that shares with us, the readers, a part of Remus.
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